The Brand Faccin was born in the 60s when Faccin SRL was founded, specializing in the manufacture of bending rolls.

A remarkable tendency towards technological innovation and continuous investments in R&D rapidly gave Faccin the reputation of offering outstanding quality, reliability, and state of the art rolling solutions thus becoming in a short time, the reference point in rolling technology.

Starting from small-size initial-pinch machines, Faccin grew together with its customers through the years specializing in the most technologically advanced 3 and 4 rolls plate rolls.

Faccin is nowadays a solution provider for any kind of bending needs covering a range of thicknesses that goes from 0,5mm up to 300mm (cold) and widths from less than 1m up to 18m.

Due to this expertise and throughout its history, Faccin has been able to supply leading manufacturers of many different industries and markets.

Faccin has successfully delivered to the Energy Sector hundreds of Wind Towers Production Lines and the heaviest machines for Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers manufacturing.
The Offshore Market as well, has seen super heavy duty Faccin machines up to 7.000Tons bending Force being delivered and currently used to build Jackets and Monopiles for the Oil & Gas and Wind Industry.

The Storage Industry has witnessed hundreds of installations of Faccin’s hi-productivity 4 rolls and special Vertical Lines for Tanks and Silo manufacturers.
Faccin also offers highly advanced automation systems which are effectively utilized in different applications of the Heating and Ventilation industry, thus supporting the main manufacturers of Water Heaters, Fans, Burners and Filters.

In addition, long special machines are designed  and particularly built for Truck Tanks manufacturers, Pipelines manufacturers and for the Shipbuilding Industry.

Throughout the years, Faccin has also extended its range of products with Angle Rolls, typically supplied to the Construction sector for building bridges, stadiums, and steel structures and, in the continuous pursuit of satisfying more customers, Faccin has developed many special profile bending applications, from mandrel bending of pipes to bending aluminium extruded profiles with special designed rolls.

Other products that make Faccin a unique supplier for Tanks and Pressure Vessels Manufacturers, are the Dished Ends Lines. For the last three decades, Faccin has successfully supplied Dishing Presses ranging from 150Tons up to 4000Tons and Flanging Machines from 3mm to 50mm thickness in cold forming. The development of the Faccin product line gained an incredible know-how with the acquisition of the Boldrini brand, and it is today considered the most cost effective line for Dished Ends Manufacturing, combining a perfect design, quality components and a quick return of the investment.

Finally, due to its internal team of skilled engineers and the vertically integrated production, Faccin can design and build special machines for the most challenging jobs in metal forming.



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