Boldrini, the oldest brand of the Faccin Group, was established in 1905, and can boast of more that 10,000 machines installed around the World and an enviable history.

Like many businesses, Boldrini was born thanks to the creativity and spirit of initiative of its founder, Mr. Francesco Boldrini, that started to manufacture basic Profile Bending machines to satisfy the needs of the suppliers of the sugar mills industry in the north of Italy.

The leap from Section Rolls to Plate Rolls was natural and fast but the real milestone would come in the 50’s, when Boldrini patented the modern design of Flanging machines, becoming reference point in the industry of Dished Ends Manufacturers.

The 70s and 80s were a period of big growth for Boldrini and by acquiring the Verrina brand established itself as the most important manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Plate Rolls in the World.

During that time, 3 rolls Double Pinch machines and 3 rolls Variable Axis machines were delivered to the Nuclear and the Oil & Gas industries, for hot bending plates of over 200mm thickness.

In the years that followed, Boldrini obtained a number of World Records building the Largest Plate Roll with 6500Ton of load and with a total weight exceeding 850Ton, the largest Flanging machine with a capacity of cold forming up to 80mm plates and the fastest and more productive Dishing Press in the market.

Nowadays, Boldrini’s know-how has been preserved by the Faccin Group, manufacturing original Boldrini machines with an eye on innovation.

Years of developing products together with its customers, the use of the best components in the market with no compromise in quality and the research of the maximum performance, explain the reason why, since many decades, Boldrini machines are considered the “Rolls Royce” of Dished End Lines.

The most demanding customers, wanting to produce the widest range of Heads in any standard – DIN, ASME or GOST – to process any material from mild steel to stainless or aluminium and to do it in the fastest and most accurate way, choose only one brand: Boldrini.

The combination of Boldrini excellent design and Faccin Group’s modern production facilities makes Faccin Group the biggest supplier of Dished Ends Lines in the World.



Boldrini Brand Faccin Group
Boldrini, 100 years of excellence

Boldrini was born in 1905 in the city of Ferrara, immediately distinguishing itself in the field of metal deformation, starting from the first profile bending machines up to the most modern presses and edge banders.

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