The Faccin Group is a leading global metal forming machine manufacturer that provides a wide range of bending machines to a substantial and diversified client base that includes the private and public entities within the metal mechanic industry.

Founded in the 1960’s, the group is headquartered in Visano – Italy with two branches, one in the U.S. and the other in Germany, as well as sale offices, dealers and business partners around the world.

The Group is the sole proprietor of leading brands in the metal forming industry – Faccin – Boldrini and Roundo all united by a common feature: tailored and energy-efficient product-service systems that include plate rolling, profile bending, dished head lines and special machines.

Through our advanced vertically-integrated production we are able to serve our clients promptly and uninterruptedly as well as to generate long-term value.

… the determination and dedication of our people are the main reasons our group became one of the most reliable metal forming machines’ provider, committed to the growth of each of our clients, Andrea Ceretti – CEO


Francesco Boldrini, founded BOLDRINI in Ferrara – Italy and began the manufacture of piping and boilers for sugar mill industry and for hydropower plants.
FACCIN, founded by Walter Faccin, started with the production of 3-roll mechanical pyramid plate bending rolls without initial pinch (SI series) and with initial pinch (ASI series) in Visano, Italy
ROUNDO was founded in Sweden and has been developing machines for bending plates and sections since then.
Boldrini became part of the Faccin S.p.A.
Roundo became part of Faccin S.p.A., transferring the use of the brand and the intellectual property of the machine designs to Faccin.
Faccin is able to consolidate its presence in the metal mechanic sector and becomes Faccin Group sole owner of Faccin – Boldrini – Roundo.

Ability to act quickly: fast decision-making process thanks to Consilium’s lean organisation.


Partnership with the management: Consilium promotes the involvement of management of its portfolio companies through incentive systems tied to the performances of the deal.


Faccin Group belongs to a private equity partner “Consilium” who has a proven track record in taking companies to a higher level of profitability.

Consilium is a completely independent company that seeks to create value, within small and medium-sized Italian enterprises (SMEs), by balancing long-term growth ambitions with high returns for the shareholders while maintaining their financial strength and incorporating new technologies, a fact that has benefited Faccin overall performance.

Our Vision

Our vision as the Faccin Group is to offer through our advanced vertically integrated production, a tailored and energy-efficient product-service system that exceed our customers’ expectations while minimizing material waste and energy consumption.


Our mission is to be a single supplier of renowned brands that offers top performant products and services which drive sustainable growth for its customers and partners.

Our core values

Faccin Group has grown through years of experience and strategic acquisitions into a powerful supplier of capital equipment for the metal forming industry. Our commitment to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees is firmly based on the core values of our company:

  • Integrity – we commit to honour all that has been offered to our customers and conduct business with the highest standard of honesty, trust, ethics and professionalism.
  • Quality – we manage our entire manufacturing processes end-to-end, from design to final assembly and shipping, which enables us to systematically monitor all our production stages, continuously enhance our procedures, give fast response to our customers’ requirements and offer extremely high-quality innovative equipment.
  • Expertise – we build our future on the experience of professionals who forge day by day the company’s distinctive know-how, creating a tradition of delivering innovative products and solutions, unique in the metal forming industry.
  • Teamwork – we strive to work as one cohesive team, from the smallest production unit to the board of directors, empowering people to successfully achieve objectives and maintaining a supportive and caring work environment that encourages sharing ideas, skills and resources.
  • Growth and profitability – we are focused to continuous innovation, the pursuit of new ideas and opportunities to accelerate profitable growth, to ensure consistent high returns to our shareholders and to recognize and reward excellent performance in order to obtain superior results.


Faccin Group Boldrini

Recognized as the worldwide leading brand
for hydraulic dished end presses and flanging machines. Boldrini has been operating uninterruptedly since 1905 with over 10,000 successfully installed machines.

Faccin Group Faccin Brand

Faccin has been able to establish itself as
one of the world leaders of bending machines over the past 5 decades thanks to its commitment to quality exceeding 7,000 long-lasting machine installations.

Faccin Group Roundo

Founded in 1964 in Sweden soon became
the world leading brand for profile bending rolls with more than 16,000 machines delivered and with a high number of satisfied customers.

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