In 2015 we added to the Faccin Group Family the renowned Roundo brand, historical Swedish competitor of Faccin from the 60’s.

Starting in 1964, Roundo pioneered the development of machines for bending Plates and Profiles and soon became one of the world leading quality brands with a strong presence in Northern Europe, USA and Far East.

The Roundo philosophy, perfectly aligned Faccin Group’s strategy, has always been to establish long term relationships with the customers by delivering oversized machines that can do more than what is promised, use the best technical solutions and components, develop advanced custom-made solutions together with the expert of the sector and give great support to its customers.

With more than 10,000 satisfied customers, Roundo is synonymous of high performances and reliability, the reason it is the preferred machine brand when Bending Companies want to turn their bending jobs into profit.

Throughout the years, Roundo customers have profited from the performances and quality of their machines, taking into the most extreme bending jobs; this is the reason, in many parts of the globe, manufacturers don’t ask for an Angle Roll, they ask for a “Roundo”!

Roundo offers the largest selection of section bending machines on the market: 20 different standard sizes from the small R3 model for bending flats, square and angle profiles in the range of 20-70mm, to the super heavy-duty R-16-S that can bend pipes of over 600mm and beams bigger than 750mm in hard way.

Heavy Framed, great bending Force, high drive Torque, large Shafts and powerful Guide Rolls are only just a few of the features that make the Roundo machines so successful.

Roundo has always been well known for its team of skilled engineers, putting great passion in designing Special Machines for the metal forming industry: Fast Rolling machines, Flanging/punching machines for pipes for the HVAC and Plate Straightening Machines for Shipbuilding are in fact part of the product range of Roundo.

In recent years, Faccin Group has manufactured and delivered several Roundo machines worldwide to historical Roundo customers that can testify to the undeniable top-quality level of the new Roundo machines.

Due to the vast number of existing Roundo machines in the market, the Faccin Group’s team of dedicated engineers works intensively to guarantee great assistance and spare parts availability to Roundo customers.

Faccin Group is proud to have Roundo as one of its brands, a reference of quality and performance as stated by the best Bending Companies in the World.



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