Cutting-edge innovations presented at main 2023 Metal Forming Shows

Facccin Group at Fabtech - EMO - SS 2023
As a dedicated participant in the metal forming industry, we are proud to confirm our presence at Fabtech in Chicago, USA, Schweissen & Schneiden in Essen, Germany, and EMO in Hannover, Germany.
with one of our metal forming specialists
This year is all set to showcase different rolling, forming, and bending solutions, depending on the trade show. Along with that, all our brands and wide portfolio will be represented, including plate rolls, electric-drive plate rolls, angle rolls, dishing lines and integrated solutions for industries such as onshore and offshore wind, oil & gas, shipbuilding, aerospace and many others.


We are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line equipment and services that significantly improves performance while simultaneously reducing energy and production costs. We take pride in our work, presenting on these shows our newly upgraded Siemens CNC – the PGS-Absolute™, the recently launched laser-based plate roll measurement system, the Eyebend™, the 4-roll electric-drive roller and the Advanced Hydraulic Package System.

Electric-Drive Roller
Newly Upgraded Siemens CNC PGS-Absolute™

Do not miss the evolution of PGS CNCs, from PGS-2000 to PGS-Ultra to PGS-Absolute™, boasting three decades of expertise and a vast range of automated machines. Experience the powerful combination of Roundo’s legacy and Faccin’s cutting-edge technology.
Plate Rolls & Angle Rolls: One CNC!

Automatic LASER Measurement SOLUTION

The Eyebend™, has been designed to quickly, and accurately, calculate the developing plate radius during the rolling process. This technologically advanced method of precise and contactless measuring provides real-time feedback and radius self-correction through the CNC control.


The 4-roll electric-drive plate roll is a hybrid design: the movement of the bending rolls is hydraulic, while the rotation of the top and pinching rolls is electric. It features rolling speeds up to 10m/min (32.8 ft/min), reduced energy consumption by 35%. Suitable for rolling steel up to 75mm (3 in.) thick and widths from 2 to 4m (6 to 13 feet).

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