WEG starts its Wind Turbine Division and chooses FACCIN as its trusted partner

WEG starts its Wind Turbine Division and chooses FACCIN as its trusted partner

Founded in 1961, in the city of Jaraguá do Sul/SC, Brazil by Werner Ricardo Voigt, Eggon João da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus, WEG started initially producing electric motors and then expanded its activities from the 1980s onwards, with the production of electronic components, products for industrial automation, power and distribution transformers, liquid and powder paints and electro-insulating varnishes. The company has established itself not only as a manufacturer of engines, but as a supplier of complete industrial electrical systems

WEG’s commitment is to develop quality products and efficient solutions that meet international quality standards and transform into concrete actions and public acknowledgement. The company is today a multinational force with more than 33.000 employees around the world, branches in 36 countries, 12 factories and a turnover of R$17,47 billion in 2020.

And growth does not stop for WEG. The company decided to acquire heavy duty equipment to meet the demand for rolling thick plates for the new WEG wind turbine and also for other product lines manufactured in its plant located in Jaraguá do Sul – Santa Catarina, such as components for hydraulic turbines and generators.

After analysing several solutions, and due to the complexity of the project, WEG decided to choose Faccin Group as its partner.   “Seeking a Faccin solution was due to the reputation that Faccin plate rolls have in the market, they are considered high quality machines, offering reliability, robustness, technology and several resources that allow the optimization of the plate forming process. All this know-how and reliability in the Faccin product, together with meeting the requirements defined by WEG, led us to choose the equipment. If Faccin had not identified the correct solution for WEG, the project results might not have met our expectations”, explained WEG

The selection and approval process for the acquisition of this type of equipment within WEG follows a careful technical analysis carried out by specialist engineers, followed by submission and approval by the appropriate management committees. Finally, the matter is decided by the board of directors. The most important elements for decision making were meeting the technical requirements, Faccin’s know-how, as well as the budget and a deadline meeting our needs.

The right solution was achieved through an intense interaction between the technical and commercial teams of WEG and Faccin, and this took place through several meetings and exchanged emails; this phase of the project lasted around 2 months”, explained Mrs. Gabriella Galoppini, Senior Sales Manager of Faccin Group.

The experience was very positive due to the openness and availability of both teams, who spared no effort to achieve the defined goals. The final solution fully met WEG’s expectations, the equipment was put into operation in just 2 weeks after the start of the installation and it is operating as expected” added WEG Management.

The main aspects of the equipment for guaranteeing the process that WEG performs are the accessories that this machine could be equipped with, such as vertical and lateral support, fundamental in the thick plate forming process. In addition, its Faccin’s CNC control allows us to obtain a stable and accurate process, improving our quality and productivity levels.

This equipment was acquired for the production of the new wind turbine, and, as it is a new production line, there is no comparative history of productivity data; however WEG monitor all the equipment’s operational data collection through the MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) which has provided us with very relevant information to understand opportunities to increase production.

As a result, the acquisition of this equipment allowed WEG greater autonomy in the sheet metal rolling processes, significantly reducing its dependence on external suppliers, as well as generating a modernization of our industrial park.

Our experience with Faccin has been very positive since the beginning of the negotiations, availability and response time were differentials in this process. The service provided by technicians during installation and start-up, who spared no effort to meet deadlines and deliver the equipment in full production condition, were essential for the project’s success” confirmed WEG management.

“The equipment’s performance also fully met our expectations and has met the technical requirements required for the process. Without a doubt, it was a good example of teamwork between the Faccin and WEG teams, which makes Faccin Group the trusted partner to be considered for supplying future projects”, added WEG management with satisfaction

If you want to know more of how the Faccin Group can help you with your rolling, bending and metal forming challenges, do not hesitate to contact us

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