Successfully Dished-head manufacturing combo line installed

Faccin Group Flanging Machine

Case Study: Interview with Mr Miguel Serrano, General Director of Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano

Could you introduce Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano?

Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano is a business division of Industrias Plásticas Serrano founded in 2009 to respond to the new market demands that move towards carbon steel tanks with internal  lining of fibreglass and resins resistant to corrosive products. Since its foundation, the company has produced and marketed cold-formed metal heads, manufacturing tanks and equipment for the transport and storage of chemical and / or liquid products, in carbon steel, also carrying out maintenance and spare parts services.

What were some of the objectives you had before starting the purchasing process of the Boldrini / Faccin line?

Due to the high transportation costs of the supplies needed, long delivery times and geographic distance from the dished-head provider that forced us to increase our products’ final price consequently decreasing our competitiveness in the market, the company decided to establish a new long-term business strategy: the acquisition of a high-quality metal dished-head manufacturing combo line that would allow the company to excel in the region offering products at competitive prices and with the quality standards required by the most prominent manufacturers of tanks and special equipment nationwide.
When we discussed the project with the Faccin Group, we were offered a very interesting solution that perfectly suited our long-term strategy, budget and future benefits.

How did you decide to work with Faccin Group?

We knew the Boldrini brand since long time from other companies that use it, and we decided to work with the Faccin Group due to the high-quality products and brands under the group’s umbrella. The decision, as a family business, was agreed by the members of the family, and finally we faced the final decision to acquire this new line, taking into consideration the challenge we had before us; the significant economic investment that it meant to our company ”

Who was involved in the selection process?

We involved all the company’s participants and potential clients. We took in consideration the transportation costs, acquisition of goods, accounting and customs brokers’ advice, a process that took us more than 5 years of planning and market research. We were helped considerably by a team from the Faccin Group, who gave us the confidence and adequate attention that helped us to choose them among the other proposals and carry out the project safely.

How does the solution offered by the Faccin Group work?

The products proposed by the group, Boldrini Hydraulic Press with manipulator and Faccin flanging machine work perfectly, so much that our new customers highly value the quality and finishing of the final product. The handling of the machines is carried out by personnel instructed by technicians from the group, and with the support of manuals, videos, previous experiences, among others.

What would you highlight from the obtained results?

The precision of each product together with the numerical control system installed in both machines is one of the facilities that is providing us with a constant improvement in the time of the dished-head forming, which translates into a cost reduction and, consequently, provides a superior quality product at a more competitive value. We also note that regionally we have obtained a favourable respond as we have managed to make prices more accessible for small and medium-sized companies in the area, dedicated to the manufacture of metal tanks.

Any final comment? Would you work with the Faccin Group again?

In our case, the cold forming of heads was a new business division added to the existing manufacture of tanks and equipment in GRP. This led us to expand our fabrication premises as well as acquire new knowledge and search for new customers.

Currently we serve our old customers, new companies in the business and customers who need formed dished-heads at a better production cost, low freight costs and short delivery times.
We hope in the near future to make the acquisition of a flanging machine for bigger thicknesses and I do not personally doubt that we would choose the Faccin Group again for future investments due to its excellent balance between quality and price and also for maintaining the efficiency of the Boldrini/Faccin line in our facilities.

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