Faccin Group world: since the trade shows are in stand-by, we bring the world to our factory

Faccin Group Andrea Ceretti CEO


Faccin Group invests in building closer relationships with its customers by launching the project: “Faccin Group World: since the trade shows are in stand-by, we bring the world to our factory”

“Because of Covid-19, the ways of interacting with customers have necessarily changed and we, at Faccin Group, have turned this difficulty into an opportunity by investing in a project thatFaccin Group: CEO Andrea Ceretti and world map facilitates the rapport and communication with our customers and revolutionizes our world from the point of view of relationship marketing”, announces Eng. Andrea Ceretti CEO of Faccin Group.

“Thanks to an important investment in terms of resources and planning”, continues Ceretti, “on Thursday 16 July we held our first live event dedicated exclusively to the dished heads and pressure vessels manufacturing industry at our headquarters which was attended by over 250 customers Worldwide“.

The event allowed the participants to enter our factory while remaining at home, participating in a technical presentation which, thanks to the professionalism and organization of our entire team, allowed us to overcome borders and obtain extremely significant results in terms of involvement, interactivity and in-depth understanding.

Customers dived into our factory discovering both the machines and their operations, asking questions, and obtaining live answers. In the studio, the speakers conversed with the participants, answering questions and explaining our industrial and technological solutions.

“I can say that the result obtained is objectively superior to that of a traditional trade show where the machines are exhibited but, for obvious reasons, cannot be seen in operation and specific insights cannot be made available to numerous audiences.”

“We will not stop exhibiting at trade shows in the near future, but we will certainly intensify the use of this new method of communication which we have strongly looked-for and which we believe offers important opportunities to be closer to our customers, and presents valuable experiences that go beyond the simple commercial presentation. ”

Thanks to the new technology and interactivity, that we have presented in this event, a first in our sector, we have created a new relationship mode that will allow us to offer our customers and potential customers more personalized experiences. In addition, we are making important investments in a specially designed multimedia structure that will be dedicated to events and after-sales service which will be ready in autumn this year, a time when we will announce other important news regarding our future vision and our group.

Ceretti concludes: “from the difficulties, great opportunities can arise and our whole team, during this dramatic situation for the whole world and for the industrial sector, has managed to bring out the best in itself by creating a paradigm shift that allows us to be positively confident in the future, and I am very proud of this. “

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