Faccin Group provides metal forming solutions to Enerfab in the U.S.

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Faccin Group provides metal forming solutions to Enerfab

Enerfab, is a U.S. leader in providing fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to the utility, chemical, and heavy industrial markets. Founded in 1901, and headquartered in Cincinnati, the company is one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the area, employing over 4,000 people.

The company’s fabrication capability, in-house engineering and design teams enable Enerfab to take on the most complex challenges ranging from pipe fabrication, structural steel, tank and vessel heads, parts and components, field services, and critical process equipment, such as ASME Pressure Vessels, Jacketed Reactors, Columns/Towers, Brewery & Fermentation Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Spheres, Crystallizers & Evaporators, Horizontal Drums, Hydrocrackers, Vacuum Towers.

The company has grown exponentially over the last century thanks to the introduction of new capabilities, innovative processes, and larger fabrication facilities, as well as an unshaken commitment to producing lasting and trustworthy equipment.

Enerfab embraces new technologies and innovative ways of working to increase efficiency and add value to every project.

“For this reason, we always look to improve our fabrication capabilities also through acquiring innovative metal forming machines equipped with the latest technology on the market”, says Dave Winnestaffer, Executive Vice President Fabrication – Operations.

We needed to enhance our steel forming process, both in terms of production rate and sizes; this led us to take the decision of investing in a new piece of equipment, capable of forming bigger sizes, with steel grades that are increasingly challenging for our vessels and heat exchangers.” said Dave. “The market for this type of products is very demanding, and we wanted to be ready to satisfy the incoming requests from our customers.”

Enerfab and its parent companies, have been using Faccin Group’s metal forming machines for many decades now, and their workshops are filled with Faccin plate rolls, Roundo angle rolls, and Boldrini dished head lines.

The company added Roundo section rolling and forming machines to its production line back in 1984 and once again in 1991 and it has been using them intensively to this day. Recently a new machine was needed with the same exact external dimensions of the previous section roll but with the capability to form tougher material at more challenging dimensions.
Managers and operators had the same common objective and it was clear this could only be achieved by having a reliable manufacturer with the engineering skills to meet the unprecedented required specifications.

“We were aware of what our old Roundo machine could do, and only we know how hard we have put this machine to work in the last 30 years or so; we were very confident that a new original Roundo, built under the Faccin Group’s flagwould give us what we wanted; the truth is, all our expectations have been surpassed”, Dave said.

Roundo engineers took on the challenge and designed not only a machine with the same external dimensions of the previous one but also built a stronger, faster and easier to use section roll; this was accomplished by re-designing some internal components, applying the latest available technologies and the invaluable input from the experienced Faccin Group’s field engineers and service technicians.

Right after the machine was manufactured, assembled and tested, Dave visited Faccin’s Group factory premises: “I personally travelled to the Italian headquarters of Faccin-Roundo-Boldrini, to witness the Factory Acceptance Test of our new machine, and I was very impressed with what I saw.
When the machine was delivered to our workshop, my operators received the training by Roundo’s field engineers and were enthusiastic to see how well the machine performed and how easy it is to use, through the remote control provided by Roundo”.

The new Roundo is perfectly integrated in their complex production process, thanks to the built-in technology and the extensive knowledge of Roundo’s field engineers: all new Roundo machines, are in fact equipped with Siemens control systems, and the team of US-based service engineers, are able to provide a quick intervention whenever needed, knowing that the fabrication process at Enerfab never stops!

Dave concluded: The machine is powerful and fast, and the quality of the formed product is consistent, therefore we can now offer our customers a much wider range of Critical Process Equipment”.

If you want to know more of how the Faccin Group can help you with your rolling, bending and metal forming challenges, do not hesitate to contact us

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